Iridium AC Travel Charger 9505A, 9555 & 9575



Please note this product has been replaced by Part Number ACT0901

This AC Travel Charger (ACTC0701) provides rapid charge for optimal performance on Iridium 9555 and Iridium 9505A Satellite Phones. Can be used to power phone when the battery is depleted.

Includes The International Plug Kit (IPK0601), designed to allow the Iridium Travel Charger to plug into various outlet formats depending on country standards. It provides five adapters and may be used with the Travel Charger. It supports US, European, UK, Indian and Australian formats and is compatible with 9505A and 9555 satellite phones.

International Adapter Plugs

  • US Adapter
  • Europe Adapter
  • India Adapter
  • UK Adapter
  • Australia Adapter


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