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Beam Isatdock Maritime Active Antenna



Beam Isatdock Maritime Active Antenna

IsatDock MARINE Active Antenna ISD710 is designed predominantly for maritime based applications. Designed to work with Beam Communications IsatDocks and Oceana fixed units, the antenna connection is protected from the environment with its solid bracket attached to the antenna. Also works well for fixed locations with

Cable Options

You should only use Beam Active cables for your required length:

Beam IsatDock/Oceana 6m Active Cable Kit
Beam IsatDock/Oceana 13m Active Cable Kit
Beam IsatDock/Oceana 18m Active Cable Kit
Beam IsatDock/Oceana 31m Active Cable Kit
Beam IsatDock/Oceana 40m Active Cable Kit


. High quality Marine enclosure
. Active antenna
. Temp Range-25°to + 55°C
. Pole / Mast mounting
. White
. Omni directional

Dimensions / Weight

. Height –20.7cm
. Width –14.2 cm
. Length –14.2 cm
. Weight –0.87kg


. Power supplied by IsatDock
. No additional power required


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