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Iridium GO! 400 Data Minute 6 Month Global Prepaid


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Iridium GO! 400 Data Minute & 6 Month Prepaid SIM Card

If you aren’t sure exactly how much you will be using your Iridium GO!, but you need predictable costs, then a pre-paid plan might be right for you. There are no activations fees, and you can’t go over your limit. You can renew at anytime, and any unused minutes will roll-over to your next pre-paid plan.

For $499, the Iridium GO! 400 Data Minute and 6 Month Prepaid SIM Card gives you 400 GO! Data minutes at $1.25 per minute, to use however you want. The Data Minutes are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Incoming calls and sms messages are free, and your 400 pre-paid GO! Data minutes cover every data and voice function that the Iridium GO! offers, each at a different per-minute rate. For example, if you are making a voice call to a landline or cell, every minute you are on the call equates to 2 GO! Data Minutes. This way, you can keep track of your usage easily for all your smartphone functions, and decide when to purchase another pre-paid plan. Iridium GO! Data minutes are valid for Iridium GO! only.

Here’s what your 400 pre-paid GO! data minutes equate to :

Iridium GO! Voice Minutes to Landline or Cell = 200 Minutes

Iridium GO! Voice to Other Iridium Device  = 400 Minutes

Iridium GO! Voice to Other Satellite Service = 22 Minutes

Iridium GO! 2-Stage Incoming Voice = 200 Minutes

Iridium GO! Voicemail Retrieval = 400 Minutes

Iridium GO! SMS Outgoing = 1,200 Messages

Iridium GO! Incoming SMS Messages = FREE Unlimited


Iridium GO! Prepaid SIM Card Features:

  • No activation charge
  • No monthly access charges
  • Minutes valid globally
  • Two-stage dialing service included
  • Voicemail included
  • No fee for replenishment
  • No credit checks or deposits required
  • Add airtime and/or extend validity before expiration date
  • Extended SIM Cards roll-over remaining airtime before expiration up to two(2) years.
  • Cards and airtime can remain active for up to 24 months
  • GO! Data Minutes are valid to destination 0088160000330 only
  • All Prepaid SIM Cards are activated at time of purchase unless noted otherwise.


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