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Klas Pioneer 2200


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Klas Pioneer 2200


The KLASPiONEER 2200 is the smallest and lightest, multi-user secure mobile communication system available today. Using the SecNet 54/KIV-54 as the primary Type 1 encryption device and the KLASRouter for RED side routing, the 2200 allows access to TS/SCI and below networks for up to eight data devices. In addition, the 2200 utilizes a Juniper SSG5 on the BLACK side for FIPS 140-2 five data devices. The KLAS PiONEER 2200 combines all of these features in a rugged and discreet case. The innovative design of the 2200 gives it the utility required by the first-in communicator, discreet operative, or executive traveler. The KLAS PIONEER 2200 can be provisioned to operate seamlessly over Inmarsat’s BGAN network and other public networks such as cellular, hotel broadband and airport Wi-Fi. Flexible AC and DC power and charging features plus internal battery support makes the KLAS PiONEER 2200 suitable for either the briefcase or backpack.


  • Dimensions: 12.1″ x 9.9″ x 2.2″
  • Weight: 7lbs
  • On/Off switch
  • Carrying handle with dust protector for front panel
  • Wide-ranging DC input
  • 15V DC output
  • Flush mounted red side LEDs
  • Battery level indicator
  • Access door to KIV-54
  • All components are shock mounted


  • 90-264V AC-DC brick
  • 10-36V DC input
  • 15V DC output for charging of BGAN UT or laptop. Custom cables available for other DC devices
  • MP3412R ruggedized battery (US DoT approved) providing 2 hours of battery backup, easily replaceable in the field


  • 8 RJ-45 Ethernet ports including 1 PoE port
  • 4 FXS ports supporting SVOIP
  • RJ-45 Ethernet WAN port
  • TCP, HTTP, AKO-S, CHAMPION, E-CollabCenter and Sharepoint acceleration


Type 1 Encryption

  • Designed to use the Harris SecNet 54/KIV-54 HAIPE encryption device.
  • KIV-54 is easily accessible for rekey or zeroization.

Type 4 Encryption

  • Juniper SSG5 –NAT traversal allowing backhaul via hotel broadband, cellular or Wi-Fi networks in addition to Inmarsat Bgan.
  • FIPS approved AES-256 firewall/VPN.


Supports Cisco VoIP handset including PoE and DHCP option 150 SVOIP access via FXS ports


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