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Klas Pioneer 2500


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KLASPiONEER 2500 is a small and light flyaway case providing red and black side communications for the first-in communicator. KLASPiONEER 2500 fits in a single airline carry-on case measuring 22” x 14” x 9” and may be charged from wide range of AC or DC inputs. All components have a battery backup of 2 hours and are ruggedized for use in extreme conditions. KLASPiONEER 2500 integrates seamlessly with VSAT and BGAN based satellite systems and provides ample port density for mobile teams. The BLACK chassis embeds a Cisco 1812 router while providing AC outlets to power and charge user laptops.


Key Features

  • Cisco 1812 on black side provides compatibility with existing networks and high port density including PoE, FXS and expansion module
  • Red side services are provided by the KLASPiONEER 2150, designed to allow for the integration of a SecNet 54/KIV-54 HAIPE encryptor.
  • The KLASPiONEER 2150 can be removed from the case and used remotely to meet red / black separation requirements. Alternatively if a convergence router is not required the KIV-54’s HAIPE NAT traversal feature allows it to be directly connected to BGAN or public Internet services
  • Compatible with iDirect VSAT and X-Band next-generation terminals
  • KLASPiONEER 2500 implements a modular approach that allows the addition of red side modules giving access to multiple enclaves. The system can therefore be expanded as backhaul bandwidth and team-size increases without any downtime
  • Customizable storage compartment
  • Battery-backed system with large range of AC and DC charge cables to extend operations while in the field
  • Standard design used for AC, DC and network interfaces to support cable replacement while deployed


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