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Wideye SABRE BGAN Satellite Terminal



The SABRE 1 brings high-speed office grade communications to your briefcase, anytime, anywhere. It is a simple to use, sub-laptop sized, fully self-contained satellite terminal. With the easy-to-carry SABRE 1 in your travel kit, you are always in touch.


  • Simultaneous voice & data communications
  • Data rate of up to 384 kbps
  • Built-in Ethernet, Bluetooth and Analog Phone interfaces
  • Supports voice, email, messaging, VPN, FTP, VoIP, FoIP and video media streaming
  • Designed for the non-technical user
  • Swiveled antenna mount facilitates easy pointing
  • Built-in menu driven graphical user interface for use without a laptop
  • Light weight, robust and reliable
  • Wide range of accessories to meet your needs

Sabre 1-V1 Includes:

  • IP44 6P4C RJ11 Telephone Cord(1.8m)
  • IP44 8P4C RJ45 Cat5 Network Cable (1.5m)
  • 2-pin Euro-type Power cord
  • 2-pin US-type Power cord
  • 3-pin UK-type Power cord
  • Product CD(Device Drivers, Launch Pad, User Manual)
  • Quick Start Guide

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